Winter No Longer Means Giving Up On Color

Photo by on Unsplash

As we go from summer to fall, we switch shorts and dresses for jeans and knitwear, but we also often switch the colors in our wardrobes from bright and playful to dark and earthy. While typical fall colors like copper and brown definitely have some charm to them, this fall will be all about wearing bright outfits that defy the cold, cloudy weather.

Women are done with not wearing brights just because it got slightly colder. Prints and patterns are also in trend, so get out of your comfort zone and start wearing florals even though it’s not spring. A long floral dress can look amazing paired with ankle boots and a leather jacket, for example, and your day will instantly get better and brighter.

Nothing will spice up your fall closet like a beautiful red, pink, or yellow oversized sweater. Pair such a piece with your favorite skirt if you’re feeling brave or go for the safe option instead – skinny jeans and boots. 

Of course, you can always add pops of color with accessories: who can resist all those cute hats and scarves that will keep you warm and chic all season long?