Would You Drink From Balenciaga’s New Water Bottle?

Screenshot from balenciaga.com

Drinking water has never been fancier!

Balenciaga has a new line called Objects and one item in it is a new sleek water bottle. It can hold half a liter and comes in a matte black finish with a screw top. Is this something you need in your life?

Balenciaga H2O water bottle costs $125, which is on the pricier side when it comes to a common product like this. There are many beautiful water bottles out there for a fraction of the cost, so why go with this particular one?

Well, if you can afford it, why not? It’s an elegant solution that looks much better than ordinary bottles. Let’s not forget that Balenciaga used to sell a much more expensive water bottle in 2019, so this looks like a reasonable price compared to that. A water bottle can be another way for you to show your style. Just like any other accessory, it can match your outfits and make you look polished when you need it the most.

Bottles like this are reusable and eco-friendly. When you break down the cost of many single-use bottles over time, you see that a luxurious bottle may just be worth the splurge. As long as you stay hydrated, everything counts!