Y2K Jewelry Trends are Back are They’re Giving Us Major Nostalgia

Beaded bracelets
Photo by Cookie the Pom on Unsplash

It’s official—2021 is the summer of Y2K trends and while we’ve seen platform flip-flops, velour tracksuits, low-rise jeans, and denim mini skirts come back in style, it’s the jewelry trends we’re excited about. Costume jewelry, bold colors, and feel-good pieces were all the rage back in the ’00s, and now they’re making their way into our collection 20 years later. Here’s what you should add to your collection.

Bubble Rings

Bubble rings in bright colors and fun shapes are the trendiest rings right now and you’ll feel instantly cool when wearing them.

Bold Beads

Do you remember the jewelry you made at summer camp? Well, now those DIY pieces with colorful plastic beads in all sorts of shapes are back.


Think Limited Too. Daises are super summery and they’ll give you a cutesy, feminine vibe.

Novelty Nostalgia

We’re talking yin-yangs, hearts, fruit-shaped charms, and smiley faces—pretty much anything and everything playful and cute.

Soda Can Tabs

Soda can tabs in silver and color are making their way to jewelry, especially earrings and they pack a statement.