You Can Now Get Your Ears Pierced at Target

Who doesn’t remember getting their ears pierced at Claire’s when they were little? After seeing all of our friends get it done we’d beg our parents for weeks to let us head to the mall for our first piercing. And getting your ears pierced is so much easier now that Target has partnered with Rowan, an ear-piercing and jewelry company. Instead of getting pierced by a teenager at the mall, you can get pierced by a licensed, registered nurse.

All of the piercers are trained nurses who use a hand-pressured device to pierce. You have the option of getting a lobe, upper lobe, or helix piercing. All of the jewelry is hypoallergenic and sterilized. It’s available in stainless steel for $55, 14 karat fold for $95, and 14 karat gold with a certified diamond for $195. The price includes the piercing, earrings, a skin assessment, aftercare materials, and care after the piercing.

To check which Target stores have piecings available and to book an appointment head to the Rowan website. You have to be 18 years or older or have a parent or guardian with you.

As if we needed to spend more time at Target!