You Should Know About These Eyewear Trends

Photo by K8 on Unsplash

Wearing glasses used to be something people dreaded, but they evolved into a statement accessory over time. Eyewear has gone a long way from not being considered fashionable to being worn even by people who have no problems with sight just because it’s trendy. The days of wearing empty frames are behind us, but here are some of the latest eyewear trends you should know about.

Clear Eyeglasses

Clear frames are currently among the most popular frames among people who wear glasses. They look effortlessly cool and bring a dose of fun and quirkiness into any outfit, no matter how serious it is. We especially love them combined with professional looks on both men and women.

Thick Rims

Thick geometric rims are the best way to draw some attention to your eyes. They come in different shapes and colors but they all have one thing in common—they are not discreet at all.

Nude Frames

If you want to choose among many acrylic frames available, consider nude frames that look warm and natural on your face. These frames aren’t thin and they’re definitely visible, but they are so beautiful you’d want everyone to notice them immediately anyway.