YouTube Music Now Lets You Switch Between Song and Video

Image by StockSnap from Pixabay

YouTube’s new service, YouTube Music, lets its users switch between listening to a song and watching the music video with no interruptions. 

With a single tap within the app, you can now go back and forth between listening to the song and watching its video, and it should always pick up at the exact right spot, with no pause. There’s an option to turn this off if you’d rather stick to the audio instead.

Apparently, YouTube has matched over five million songs to their corresponding videos in order to make this feature work. They had an advantage as the main YouTube platform is the place where most of the music videos are published.

“Imagine listening to a new track by your favorite artist in the YouTube Music app and having the ability to seamlessly switch over to watch the music video — no pauses, no interruptions, just a simple transition that keeps the music flowing. That’s exactly what we’re introducing! Today, YouTube Premium and YouTube Music Premium subscribers can now make a seamless transition between a song and its music video for uninterrupted listening and watching,” YouTube Music product manager Brandon Bilinski wrote on the company’s blog.

YouTube Music has updated in several other ways recently. The service now offers Offline Mixtape, a feature that enables you to download songs and integrates them with Google Home smart speakers.

The audio streaming app is available in 62 countries to millions of users.