3 Direct-to-VOD Summer Releases That Should’ve Been Seen in Theaters

Direct-to-VOD releases became a new normal this year, but some of the best movies of the summer really deserved to be seen in the theaters with a big crowd, including these three.

The Old Guard

Netflix poured $70 million into The Old Guard so we’d like to believe it would’ve gotten a limited theatrical release. This action flick about a group of immortal mercenaries is the unofficial film of the summer, and it would be even more epic on the big screen.

Palm Springs

In addition to being one of the most delightful films of the year, this time loop comedy broke the record for the biggest sale in the Sundance history. After dropping on Hulu, it was also released in select drive-in theaters, but it would be so much more fun if we all got to see it and laugh at it together.

The King of Staten Island

Even if it was released in the theaters, Judd Apatow’s latest comedy probably wouldn’t replicate the box office success of his earlier films. Seeing it this way would still be quite spectacular since it was shot by the Oscar-winning cinematographer Robert Elswit.