5 Interior Design Trends Dominating TikTok

5 interior design trends from TikTok
Photo by Severin Candrian on Unsplash

Over the past year or so when we’ve wanted to know what’s trendy we’ve turned to TikTok. In addition to what’s popular in fashion, beauty, and food, the platform is a goldmine for the latest design trends. When it comes to interior design trends, these have gotten the most hashtags this year and we expect them to become even more stylish over the next few months. Check out five interior design trends taking over TikTok.


With six billion views, cottagecore has become more than just a way of life—it’s a design aesthetic that’s all about romanticized country life, nature, and rural living.


This hashtag has gotten 83.5 million views and it features everything from DIY hacks to thrifted pieces converted to pieces that are reminiscent of life in the ’60s.


We expect as we move into summer #driedflowers will become even more popular on TikTok. Right now the hashtag has 70.2 million views that show persevered flowers and beautiful bouquet arrangements.


This geometric design with 8.4 million views is making its way into homes and its a great way to make a plain, boring white wall into something much more visually appealing.


If you’re looking to make your home greener and into a lush paradise, #greenwall, which has 6.4 million views, is perfect for you.