5 Remixes That Summer 2020 Will Be Remembered By

Summer 2020 confirmed something that most music fans knew for a long time—recording a remix is the best way to get your song to the top of the charts. These five songs certainly confirmed that and we’ve been hearing them all summer long.

Megan Thee Stallion – “Savage” (Beyoncé Remix)

“Savage” was already the biggest TikTok hit of the year-long before Beyoncé jumped on board, but her involvement made it 100% better.

Doja Cat – “Say So” (Nicki Minaj Remix)

Doja Cat’s hit song “Say So” had a similar journey to the top of the charts like “Savage.” It was a huge TikTok hit before Nicki Minaj recorded the remix that helped this song hit No. 1.

The Weeknd – “In Your Eyes” (Doja Cat Remix)

The Weeknd’s fans were surprised after learning that his new album had zero collaborations, but he went to release remixes of several single—including this one with Doja Cat.

Trevor Daniel – “Past Life” (Selena Gomez Remix)

“Falling” put Trevor Daniel’s name on the map, but this remix with Selena Gomez proved that major artists are keeping an eye on his career.

SAINt JHN – “Roses” (Imanbek Remix)

Saint Jhn’s “Roses” is that catchy techno song you’ve been hearing all summer long, and Imanbek’s remix helped it top the charts in several countries.