Ab Workout Challenges are Summer’s Biggest Fitness Trend on YouTube

Workout challenges have been ruling the fitness world for years and they’re going stronger than ever this summer. Ab workouts are especially popular on YouTube right now and some of the most famous influencers created amazing challenges that will help you get an epic six-pack.

Chloe Ting

No conversation about YouTube workout challenges can go on without a mention of Chloe Ting’s name. Following the latest addition of her “Summer Shred” challenge, she decided to share the “Get Abs” challenge with the world and created a series of workouts that can help you get an amazing six pack.

Gains By Brains

Sophie of Gains By Brains is one of YouTube’s rising stars, but that’s not stopping her videos from being amazing, and she can’t stop sharing ab workouts this summer.


MadFit is one of YouTube’s most popular fitness channels, but its author Maddie Lymburner rarely creates traditional workout challenges. Every time she decides to make an exception, she truly knocks it out of the park and her new 500 rep ab challenge is case in point.

Lilly Sabri

If you want to keep your ab workout short and sweet, Lilly Sabri will get you there. Her most intense abs workout yet is just five minutes long and she promises great results in only two weeks.