Amazing DIY Fashion Trends You Should Try After Tie Dye

Tie-dye is undoubtedly the No. 1 fashion trend of the year, but that’s not the only DIY craze that experienced a huge rise in popularity in 2020. If you’re bored of tie-dying your clothes and want to give some other DIY ideas a shot, these three are a good place to start.

Print T-Shirts

Custom-made print T-shirts are another trendy item pretty much every TikToker tried to make in quarantine. If you’re struggling to find shirts with prints that you like, this DIY idea will be your cup of tea, and it’s surprisingly easy to replicate.

Half-Bleached Jeans

Another viral fashion trend that we owe to TikTok are half-bleached jeans. Once again, you don’t have to be an expert to replicate this trend, and if bleaching half of your jeans doesn’t seem creative enough, you can try many other options.

Scarf Tops

If we had to pick the easiest DIY summer trend to replicate, we’d have to go with scarf and bandana tops. You basically need no skills to give this fashion craze a shot, and there are many fun ways to put your old scarf to some good use.