Apple Cider Mimosas are the Drink of Fall

TikTok has given us tons of food-related trends and inspiration during the COVID-19 pandemic as we’ve learned how to make whipped coffee, breakfast sandwiches, cookie cereal, and the latest thing we’ve discovered are apple cider mimosas. Mimosas are a brunch staple and they include orange juice and champagne and there’s a way to make this classic drink perfect for fall—by swapping fresh apple cider for the orange juice.

The recipe is super easy to make and to start, dip the rim of a glass in melted caramel, then coat the caramel rim in sugar. For the next step, pour one part sparkling wine or champagne and one part apple cider into the glass. We suggest saving champagne for a toast and using prosecco or cava for the mixed drink. But the choice is yours.

If you’re feeling adventurous, you can experiment with the recipe by adding a splash of flavored vodka like Absolut Apple or Pinnacle Salted Caramel Vodka. You can also get creative with the sugared rim adding maple sugar or by adding a cinnamon rock candy stick.

Apple cider mimosas are really that easy to make and they have all the flavors of fall you could possibly want. Go ahead and whip some up for your friends and family and remember to social distance!