Celebrities Can’t Get Enough of Copper Hair Right Now

If we had to pick a single hair color that’s ruling the world right now, copper would definitely make the cut—and these five celebrities are putting it on the map.

Gigi Hadid

If you’re looking for a single celebrity to inspire your copper look, Gigi Hadid is the person for the job. Her copper hair-do has an amazing, natural vibe, and she’s often mixing it up with other rising hair trends, such as face-framing, tiny braids.


When it comes to hair, Rosalía usually likes to stick to darker shades. That’s why it was so refreshing to see her start rocking a gentle copper hue, and this color proved to be the right match for her.

Jessica Chastain

Chastain is one of those stars who are basically known for rocking copper hair all the time, and it’s difficult to imagine her with any other hair color.


SZA is no stranger to experimenting with her hair, and she looks different every time we see her. Copper hue looks impeccable on her and we wouldn’t mind if she was wearing it more often.


Lizzo is another celebrity prone to frequent hair transformation, so it’s not a surprise that the copper trend got her seal of approval.