Do You Remember Promise Rings? They’re Back and Taking Over TikTok

Promise ring. The latest Gen Z obsession.
Photo by Serafima Lazarenko on Unsplash

Back in the ’00s you probably remember some young stars like the Jonas Brothers and Demi Lovato getting lots of hype surrounding promise rings. While they became super popular with celebrities, they actually date back to the Middle Ages between romantic partners. Well now, they’re popping up again on TikTok, and Gen Z users can’t seem to get enough of them.

Promise rings signify a less serious commitment than the traditional diamond engagement ring, making them perfect for teenagers. Promise rings fit right into other ways that couples are sharing their relationship milestones like by wearing each other’s class rings and Bond Touch bracelets.


my boyfriend said it meant the world to him💞 it was gonna say I love you inside too but it was already in the making:( #promisering #foryou

♬ Can’t Help Falling in Love – Haley Reinhart

On Tiktok,#promisering has over 268 million views and the rings used range from plastic rings to traditional bands to ones that look like engagement rings. They’re usually more lighthearted than full-on engagement rings and which finger they’re worn on varies. But most TikToks show the promise ring being worn on the left ring finger, mirroring an engagement ring.

When it comes to promise rings, it’s not about the material used or the cost of them, it’s about the commitment and what they signify to the people wearing them.

What do you think of promise rings? Would you wear one?