Drake Gave Us Some of the Best Music Videos of 2020

Drake. Photo by Canadian Press/REX/Shutterstock (9048876h)

Drake’s music videos have always been a wild ride, and that didn’t change this year. Lockdowns didn’t stop him from shooting amazing new visuals for his latest singles, and he really took things to a whole new level with these three.

Popstar ft. DJ Khaled

Drake’s latest music video is one wild ride, despite the fact he only appears on the screen for about a minute. The duo behind this smash-hit enlisted Justin Bieber to take the lead role in the music video, which references the reckless lifestyle he was once known for.

Toosie Slide

The video for “Toosie Slide” would be unremarkable at any other time, but not in 2020. It’s one of the music videos that defined the early days of quarantine, and it shows Drake dancing around his lavish Toronto mansion while wearing a mask and gloves.

Life Is Good ft. Future

“Life Is Good” is the most-watched YouTube video of the year so far—and for a good reason. Drake and Future always had really great chemistry together, and it’s a blast to watch them do a series of ordinary jobs by each other’s side.