Green is Proving to Be 2021’s Biggest Home Decor Trend

You may have noticed that interior design in recent years has tended to include more and more green, most often through house plants. Well, this color has proven to be more popular than ever in 2021, with Apartment Therapy reporting that searches for “green kitchen cabinets” are up 829% compared to the previous year, “green tile bathroom” and “green accent chair” are up 771% and 754% respectively, “artificial plants and trees” is up 658%, “green bedroom” is up 379%, and “indoor pots and planters” is up 358%.

Part of this might be related to Drew Barrymore’s sage green kitchen appliances and Kendall Jenner’s green kitchen cabinetry, which left many people green with envy when they revealed them this year.

So, if you’re interested in trying out this trend for yourself and including some more green in your home, which chromotherapy tells us can introduce calm, restoration, harmony, and balance into your life, here are some inspiration photos that will get your ideas rolling.

Feeling inspired? Us, too. Now where’s that green paint?