Have You Tried Jewelry Stacking?

Necklace stacking
Photo by Max Ducourneau on Unsplash

After a year in which quiet luxury has been touted as the most stylish way to dress, the tide is turning and we are seeing a return to loud, bright, and colorful clothing. This can be extended to our jewelry boxes, and with Christmas fast approaching, now is the time to amp up your jewelry styling. This season, jewelry stacking will be big news, and the chances are you already own the pieces that are key to this trend. Check out this advice on how to nail this look and make the most of your bling.


Jewelry stacking is basically about combining bright, beautiful jewels in as many colors and combinations as you can find. When it comes to rings, think about comfort and practicality—if you can’t move your hands, take some of the rings off and try again. Look for big, beautiful cocktail rings and combine these with slimmer bands to create a nice contrast across your fingers.


Mixing and matching slim chains with chunkier arm jewels can create a stunning contrast and really bring your look together. Don’t be afraid to mix and match gold and silver if you like the two-toned look, or opt for a single shade to maximize this look.


Combining one or two chains has been in for a while now, but as it’s party season feel free to push the boat out and layer up three or more. Again, opt for some contrast to really pull the look off—some jewels mixed in with plain chains will set the right note.