Here’s What Dating Apps Will Look Like in 2021

Photo by Yogas Design on Unsplash

Have you tried dating during the pandemic? It’s nearly impossible. Virtual dates have become the new norm and apps are changing to deal with dating during COVID-19. Apps are adapting to the new dating scene and here’s what they’ll look like in the coming year.

Sharing Political/Social Views

This year has been quite the political year and many daters are sharing their views with tag lines in their profiles. This can make dating easier as deal-breakers can be seen from the get-go and you’ll have things to discuss on your first date.

Sex Positivity

With songs like “WAP”, people are becoming more open talking about sex and are willing to explore new things.

Pared-Down Profiles

Simple layouts and bios allow daters to focus on what’s most important and not get distracted by layouts or illustrations.

Connecting to Social Media

Daters are linking dating apps and social media to share their interests. It’s common to connect TikTok and Instagram to give a better view of a person.

Love Languages

Bumble recently partnered with The 5 Love Languages to help users find matches based on the ways they show love and affection. This can allow for more meaningful connections.