House of Sillage is Killing it With Pop-Culture Themed Fragrances This Fall

If you still haven’t heard of the fragrance brand House of Sillage, buckle up, because their perfumes are pure magic. This company specializes in limited-edition luxury fragrances that have to be seen to be believed, and they’ve launched several epic pop-culture-themed scents in recent months.

Harry Potter

If you’re a huge Potterhead, you’ll be happy to hear that House of Sillage has a perfume collection inspired by this magical book series. They launched four perfumes themed around Hogwarts houses, along with matching lipstick case sets.


House of Sillage welcomed the spooky season with an amazing fragrance themed around Netflix’s Wednesday. They aimed to create a scent that allows you to embrace your individuality and step into the supernatural world.

Looney Tunes

House of Sillage joined forces with Warner Bros. for an opulent Looney Tunes collaboration. It’s one of their most playful lines to date and features two perfumes that pay homage to Tweety and Bugs Bunny.


This luxury perfume brand celebrated Disney’s 100th anniversary by launching a fragrance inspired by one of its most iconic characters – Minnie Mouse. This perfume perfectly captures her timeless charm and playful spirit and allows you to welcome some Disney magic into your life.