Love Skinny Jeans? Don’t Worry, It’s Not Going Anywhere

Photo by Hannah Reding on Unsplash

We’re all hoping to get out of loungewear a bit more this year and to have more chances to go out and hang out with people. For the past several decades, jeans have been the easiest thing you can put on to look casual but still nice, with different styles of jeans going in and out of trend.

We’ve been reading a lot about how skinny jeans have been replaced with other styles, such as wide-leg jeans and mom jeans, but the truth is that they are not going anywhere. That’s a real relief if you’ve been worrying about not being able to shop for skinny jeans anymore! They will still be available in most stores and you’ll see them on women everywhere, but having diversity in the choice is definitely a good thing and we’re happy that anyone can wear the style they feel the most comfortable in.

If you’ve been experimenting with various styles of jeans in the past few years and want to return to good old skinny jeans in 2021, you can find some outfit inspiration below.