No Jumping HIIT Is Perfect Routine for Home Workouts

HIIT, aka high-intensity interval training, is one of the most popular fitness regiments in the world right now. Doing it at home can be tricky because it can get pretty noisy, but no jumping HIIT is here to change that and here’s why it’s the perfect stay-at-home workout regimen.

No Joint Pain

Regular HIIT is a high-impact workout, but if you cut all the jumping out, this workout program will put less pressure on your joints and you won’t have to deal with foot and knee pain afterward.

Less Noisy

Another tricky thing about doing HIIT workouts at home is that you’ll make a lot of noise. No jumping workouts are more apartment-friendly and you won’t disturb anyone by doing them.

Calorie Burn

The main point of doing HIIT exercises is burning more calories than you would with other workouts. This always comes in handy, especially when you’re spending an entire day sitting at home.

Great Choices

Even if you’re new to HIIT, there are many online tutorials you can try. Leading fitness influencers, including MadFit, Chloe Ting, and Emi Wong, all have at least one no jumping HIIT video on their YouTube channels.