The New and Improved Peloton Was Finally Released

A new and revamped model of the Peloton Tread and Tread+ has recently become available in the U.S., featuring an extensive video library and the immersive fitness experience we’ve come to expect from Peloton, as well as some brand new safety features.

This new model release came just a few months after more than 125,000 Peloton treadmills had to be recalled earlier this year. In April the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Product Commission (CPSC) released a warning to parents to avoid using the Tread+ due to the potential danger the treadmills posed for small children or pets. After the CPSC received quite a few accident reports related to the Tread+, Peloton issued a voluntary recall on the affected product.

The added safety features on the new Tread version include a four-digit code that prevents the treadmill from being turned on by anyone without the authorization code. There will also be a physical safety key, which can be removed and stored away when the device isn’t in use, to help prevent injury. Peloton’s new Tread is now available in the US, UK, and Canada and will be available in Germany later in the fall.