These Are Today’s Biggest Interior Design Trends

Home decor trends
Photo by Adam Winger on Unsplash

We’re halfway through 2021, which means that there’s already been enough of the year to look back and point out some of the biggest interior design trends of 2021. Here are three of them that you can incorporate into your home before the year is up.


The biggest color trend in interior design right now is blue, especially in shades of navy. This color is both soothing and relaxing, although too much of it can be a bit depressing, so don’t forget to add in some splashes of bright and light colors for balance.

Natural Light

More than anything, this year, people are all about letting the light into their homes, even going so far as to forgo curtains or using sheer curtains as a way to block as little natural light as possible. So let that sunshine in and enjoy your serotonin boost!

Natural Textures

Speaking of nature, another huge trend this year is natural textures and colors like earth tones, terra cotta, marble, wicker, and wood. This is a great way to play with texture and add an inviting, homey touch to your space. Start by getting natural textured home accessories as a low-commitment way to play with the trend.