This Brand Will Inspire You to Add Patterns to Your Home

A word of caution to our minimalist readers: 2021 is all about patterns. After a year of buckling down and staying put, this summer is all about exuberant detail and pattern-filled designs. There’s also a shift away from edgier, streetwear influences, with more botanical and floral themes coming to place.

If you’re looking for a way to reintroduce color and detail to your home environment, we recommend taking note from the South African label Skinny laMinx. With an emphasis on colorful patterns that are in part inspired by African fabric, Skinny laMinx’s product range includes cushions and pillows, decor, paper goods, and even accessories. All of the designs are screen printed in Cape Town, and everything is cut and stitched by a small sewing team in the studio.

Run by illustrator and designer Heather Moore, the brand was named after Moore’s Siamese cat. “In general, I like design that is concise and fits its purpose,” Moore shared once in an interview with Sweet Paul Magazine. “If it manages to do these things while being elegantly exuberant too, that makes me happy.”

Indeed, happiness seems to be a driving force behind the brand. “Pattern makes us happy, color makes us feel good!”, reads the brand’s Instagram bio caption. Relying heavily on primary colors, you can expect to see nature-inspired themes like flowers and leaves throughout her fabric designs.

According to Moore, she doesn’t look hard for inspiration. Rather, inspiration, it seems, seeks her! “It’s kind of silly to say this, but I really am inspired by just about anything and everything!”, she said, adding that anything from the holes in a piece of cheese to an IKEA catalog can spark inspiration.

If you’re seeking happiness and color in your day-to-day (and of course you’re seeking!) follow the brand on Instagram for some inspiration and head to their online shop.