Top 10 Things to Go Viral During COVID-19: Part 1

While it’s easy to get depressed thinking about the pandemic and social distancing, there have been a lot of great things that have happened since COVID-19. Here’s a list of the five things that have gone viral over the past few months and stay tuned for another five things to go viral to be posted next week!

Instagram Live

Instagram Live has become the way to give friends and followers updated on your life, for brands to promote products, and for celebrities to give live concerts after they’ve been canceled. Cardi B, John Legend, and Miley Cyrus have continued to keep followers engaged during the quarantine.

Outbreak Movies

Not long after the coronavirus was declared a pandemic, virus outbreak movies like 28 Days Later, Contagion, Cabin Fever, Outbreak, increased in popularity. They used to be seen as a form of escapism, but now they’re a reality for everyone around the world.


Even though Broadway won’t be reopening until at least 2021, the next best thing is watching Hamilton from your couch. The live taping of the Tony award-winning musical was supposed to be released in theaters, but instead, it debuted on Disney +.

Animal Crossing

Since we can’t actually escape to a remote island, why not do it in a cute animated game? The life-simulation game takes your mind off the pandemic while letting your imagination run free.


Zoom is the call service of schools, businesses, and personal calls. It’s been used for cocktail parties, cast reunions, and as a way for families to celebrate holidays while social distancing.