Upgrading Your Home Can Be As Simple As Purchasing Oven Mitts

If anything, this past year has taught us the importance of taking care of our immediate environment—our home, that is. And while a total home renovation comes at a hefty price, making your living area a little more inviting doesn’t necessarily mean breaking the bank. Designer Tatiana Nedialkova argues that beautifying your living space can be as easy as changing a tea towel.

The founder and artist behind the small home goods brand Softer + Wild aims to transform everyday items into magical
flashes of inspiration that add a colorful twist to your home. With her products fabric-oriented, selected designs include tea towels, oven mitts, and aprons. Working closely with textile designer Paula Downes, Nedialkova (who comes from a background of graphic design and illustration), draws and designs the unique screen printed patterns.

Having studied at Chelsea College of Art & Design in London, Nedialkova is based in Britain, where she also produces her line of products. An admirer of simple, clean, beautiful interior design, the brand’s designs are Scandinavian in style with patterns including botanical and naturalistic themes. Another source of inspiration is Bulgarian folk tales.

One of the brand’s more popular products is its unique oven mitts. “They don’t have the typical shape—they’re kind of a long, double glove,” explained Nedialkova in an interview with Etsy’s blog. “In terms of patterns, the nordic design is a best-seller, especially on the oven mitts,” she added. “I think people like it because the design is so different from what you usually get on a product like this. My botanical prints also do well. They have this timeless floral appeal; there’s something really classic about them.”

And while Nedialkova’s add that extra something-something to your home, they also make for the perfect gift. “I’ve made things in the past and given them as gifts to friends,” she notes. “And then when I visit a few years later, it’s really nice to see the objects being part of their environment and habits and life. In the same way, it was very exciting when people started to buy my art—to think it really ends up in someone’s home and can transform their space in some way.”

You can purchase yourself a Softer + Wild item on their online store or via Etsy.