What are Biophilia Workouts?

Outdoor workout
Photo by Gabin Vallet on Unsplash

From 12-3-30 treadmill workouts to hot girl walks, we were introduced to many viral fitness trends in recent years. Biophilia workouts are the latest craze taking the fitness world by storm, but what are they all about and should you give them a shot?

The word “biophilia” refers to the human instinct to connect with nature and be outdoors, and this should give you a hint as to what this new trend is all about. Biophilia workouts are actually just a fancy name for outdoor workouts, and they’re one of the easiest fitness trends to embrace.

Biophilia workouts don’t require any fancy equipment, and all you have to do is head outside. This doesn’t necessarily mean hiking or jogging outdoors, but taking your regular workout routine outside, where you can get more fresh air and enjoy some sunshine.

Outdoor workouts are experiencing such a huge boom that numerous gym chains started offering them to their clients. You should look for one if working out on your own at a local park seems too intimidating, but finding a workout buddy is also an option.

Searches for “outdoor fitness classes” experienced a rise during the pandemic, and they’re not going away after fitness enthusiasts discovered their many benefits. They can reduce stress, improve your well-being, strengthen your immunity, and create a sense of connectivity to something bigger than yourself.