Why are TikTokers Eating Rice Krispies Treats Before Their Workouts?

Rice Krispies Treats
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There’s a new workout trend emerging on TikTok and this one involves a childhood classic—Rice Krispies Treats. While we’ve never thought of these marshmallowy treats as a fitness essential, TikTok users are claiming they result in better workouts. While it may seem a bit weird, there’s science behind it. Here’s why TikTokers are eating Rice Krispies Treats pre-workout.


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It’s been shown that eating carbs three to four hours before a workout increases endurance and performance, and refined or simple carbs, which include this snack, are best pre-workout because the carbs can be digested quickly and used by the body for energy. The puffed rice cereal and marshmallows in the treat are a great source of simple carbs.


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Keep in mind that the ingredients in Rice Krispies Treats include corn syrup, gelatin, and vegetable oil, so if you’re trying to eat healthier, make your own at home so you can control what goes into them. You can also switch up the ingredients for healthier ones.


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While we’re not sure if eating Rice Krispies Treats before a workout will result in a better workout, it sure is tasty. So we’re on board with this trend!