Why Jumping Rope is Our New Favorite Workout

Woman using a jumping rope
Photo by Element5 Digital on Unsplash

It might sound a little strange to say that jumping rope is a trend. After all, haven’t children been doing it at school and for fun since the beginning of time? Well, yes, jump rope is a classic kid’s playground game, as well as a favorite workout of athletes like boxers, but it’s only been recently embraced by the larger fitness community as a whole as an exercise well worth incorporating into your weekly workouts.

Why? Well, there are several reasons.

First, jumping rope is good for your bone health, as it is a load-bearing exercise that puts weight on your skeleton. This is especially important for women, who tend to suffer from osteoporosis in adulthood.

Jump rope is also great cardio. After all, it’s basically just jumping over and over again. The faster you go, the higher the intensity and the higher your heart rate will go, which is a great way to maintain your cardiovascular endurance and health.

Beyond that, jump rope is great at helping you improve your coordination, rhythm, and balance, all important facets of fitness as well as things that will help turn you into a fantastic dancer next time you go to the club.