3 Interior Trends You Should Know About This Spring

Checkerboard Print
Photo by Hédi Benyounes on Unsplash

The past year we’ve been spending most of our time at home, and many of us used it to make some upgrades to the interior. If you’ve been waiting for this spring to do that, or if you’re already bored and want to change something in your home, here are the most popular interior trends for this spring.

Wavy Edges

This is a simple but very effective way to turn an ordinary item into something unique. You can use waves on picture frames, mirrors, or paint them on the wall. They also look great on vases and lamps. There are plenty of wavy items you can buy but you can also get creative and DIY something.

Checkerboard Print

Checkerboard print is retro and can transform any interior with no special effort. You can implement it in details like plates, cushions, or wall prints, or go bold with a checkerboard rug or curtains.

Barley Twist

This traditional furniture feature dates back to the 17th century and it’s been in and out of style several times so far. Many modern designers use it today and it can look really good on table or chair legs or in small details, like candles and ceramic decor.