3 Looks for Coconut Girl Outfit Inspo

Coconut girl vibe
Photo by Atikh Bana on Unsplash

If you’re hoping to squeeze the last bit out of summer this August, what better way to do so than to rock the coconut girl trend while it’s still warm outside. To help you get inspired, here are three outfits that can give you ideas for looks you can put together yourself. Grab your coconut water and let’s go!

Headscarf and Loose Shirt

An easy, breezy coconut girl outfit with ample protection from the sun, this look is both cute and functional. The black top and bike shorts combo is easy to find and comfortable to walk around in, while the pastel headscarf and oversized button-up protect you from the sun and add that coconut girl vibe.

Flouncy Skirt

This flouncy floral skirt, orange flip flops, and purple one-shoulder top outfit is classic coconut girl, giving us all of the summer vibes we need.

Jeans and a Top

Even the easiest outfit combo around—jeans and a top—can be made into a coconut girl look when you choose a summery floral top like this one which is covered with some very Spongebob Squarepants-esque flowers.