3 Trendy Colors to Incorporate Into Your Winter Wardrobe

Usually, during the colder months, the color palette of our wardrobes is pretty basic with mostly neutrals like winter whites, tans, browns, grays, and blacks. And with everything happening around us, we could use a bright, refresh with some vibrant colors. These colors will be super trendy come spring, and to get a head start, here’s how to throw them into your winter collection.

Bubblegum Pink

Bubblegum pink is a bright shade somewhere between a neon and pastel, making it super easy to pair with neutrals like gray, beige, and ivory. For winter, opt for a knit sweater or turtleneck in bubblegum pink and pair it with neutral sweaters and sweatpants.


Orange has been super trendy over the past few seasons, especially when it comes to accessories. Now, we’re seeing it in everything from dresses to knits and outerwear. Because tangerine can be a bit intimidating if you’re new to adding bright colors into your wardrobe, pair an orange cardigan or sweater with gray pieces or try a more subtle look with an accessory.

Pale Yellow

Pale yellow is a bit easier to incorporate into your wardrobe than bubblegum pink and tangerine. This color evokes sunshine and warmth, which is something we could all use a bit of during the winter. Pale yellow pairs effortlessly with light denim and gray.