6 Nail Colors That Are Trending for This Fall

When it comes to fall manicure, it doesn’t get any easier than painting your nails in brown or orange shades, but if you want to put in a bit of extra effort, here are the colors that will be the trendiest for the fall ahead of us.

Navy Blue

This is a wonderfully deep color that looks unusual on nails but still very elegant and great for many different occasions.


Nude is not one specific color but a group of shades, and you should find the one that works best for you personally.


Emerald Green

Emerald green will be the trendiest color of the fall 2019, and nails are just one small part of all the surfaces where you will see it.


This typically summer color actually works great against fall outfits, especially if you prefer neutral, earth-toned clothes.


It’s so simple, yet we never see it on nails! Gray manicure will match your gray oversized knitted sweater for the best fall feeling!



Golden glitter is always a good idea, especially on nails in the fall. It perfectly replicates the color of fall leaves and your nails will sparkle on the warm fall sun!