A Mini Fridge for Cosmetics is a Game Changer

Did you know that there is a new skincare trend that will actually change the way you store and use your products? We’re talking about a mini fridge you can keep in your bathroom to keep your cosmetics from going bad quickly and it’s a dream come true!


You can buy them for around $40 and up, depending on the brand you choose, the size and the design of the fridge. For that price, you get a storage solution that will keep your products fresh and pleasant for use and prevent them from spoiling due to the heat and moisture that typically exist in bathrooms. 

As Debra Jailman, MD said for Health, “refrigerating products may help extend their shelf life.” She specifies that ingredients like vitamin C, retinol, and benzoyl peroxide “shouldn’t be kept in warm environments. 

Of course, you can store these products in a compartment of your regular fridge in the kitchen, but how cute and convenient are these minis?