Are You Ready for the Ugly Furniture Trend?

Around a decade ago, fashion trends focused on emphasizing beauty. Designers were trying to come up with the most delicate and feminine creations until things started going in another direction. The “ugly” shoes came first and then we stopped calling them ugly and simply embraced the chunkiness and comfort. Many other items followed the trend and now it’s time to see the latest “ugly” furniture that’s currently popular.

Interior design typically follows the trends in the fashion industry so we’re not too surprised. If you’re used to seeing pretty, romantic, and pastel furniture get ready for a completely different wave. The new pieces may seem ugly at first, but if you give them a chance, some of them will win you over with form, lines, and uniqueness.

We absolutely love that furniture designers are having fun and believe that each home should be unique. Pieces like this prove that you don’t have to conform to any given philosophy and that you can pick something that you personally enjoy, no matter what others think of it. What do you think about ugly sofas and the accompanying furniture?