Behind-the-Scenes Shots Will Help You Make Beautiful, Trendy Instagram Photos

You know how you often see perfect-looking photos on Instagram and wonder how was someone able to take such a masterpiece with just a phone? Turns out that people use all kinds of tricks to achieve the effect they want and we can now look behind the scenes of some of those photos.

As you will see below, many of the perfect photos don’t look nearly as glamorous in the making. Many of them include a photographer who got wet in the process or involve uncomfortable poses and lots of repetition, but these people are willing to do everything it takes to get the amazing result. We’re loving the trend where influencers are sharing “the setup and the shot” images side-by-side, which allows us to see that they rarely catch a perfect moment spontaneously.

Keep this in mind the next time you want to take a great Instagram photo, but it doesn’t turn out the way you imagined. You likely need to put a lot more work and effort into it, just like the people below did!

Scroll down for some of our favorite examples—swipe the posts to see the rest of the images.