Celebrities are Staying Busy During the Pandemic By Selling Online Video Messages

Lindsay Lohan at
Lindsay Lohan at "Lindsay Lohan's Beach Club" TV Show Premiere in 2019. Photo by Andrew H. Walker/Shutterstock (10050716t)

Have you heard of celebrities selling personalized online video messages? It happens to be one of the latest trends to come from the pandemic. Sites like Memmo and Cameo offer members the opportunity to have famous celebrities record messages as a gift to a friend or family member. And trust us, it’s just as cool as it sounds.

Cameo, which has a variety of celebrities with thousands to chose from with everyone from musicians, actors, and reality TV stars to athletes. Some of the many stars you can find include Vanilla Ice, Fran Drescher, Alfonso Ribeiro, Lindsay Lohan, Bethany Hamilton, and Tony Hawk. It connects fans with their favorite stars through customized video messages, live video calls, and direct messages. Memmo is pretty much the same, but the UK version with around 3000 celebrities who do video messages.

Each celebrity decides how much they want to charge for the services and some are even doing it for charity, which you’ll see on their page. You can find a ton of stars for under $150, but a majority of them charge between $250 to $500.

During the pandemic these companies have become super popular with many entertainers having more time for these types of projects. It’s super easy for them to make a lot of money without even leaving their homes.

Some of the most common messages include birthday ones and marriage proposals. Seems pretty cool—right?