Celery Juice: the New Healthy Trend Everyone is Falling For

Everyone from Kim Kardashian to your friend from high school that you follow on Instagram is going bananas for celery juice right now. This craze is taking the world by storm, and something tells us we won’t stop hearing about it in the next few weeks.

January is the perfect time to spread healthy new trends, and celery is the first “big thing” of 2019. This underestimated super-food is finally getting its moment to shine, and people are spreading awareness about its nutritional values and health benefits.

Its bitter flavor definitely won’t suit everyone, but Instagram influencers are still willing to give it a try. This healthy veggie also gets extra points for helping with stomach inflammation and lowering blood pressure. Studies have also shown it can slow breast cancer and stop prostate cancer growth.

Despite its many benefits, experts have pointed out it’s important to keep in mind juicing process reduces benefits of vegetables. Celery is no exception, and it actually benefits you more when you’re not taking it in liquid form.