Checkerboard Print is Taking Over Every Aspect of Our Lives

Checkerboard Print
Photo by Hédi Benyounes on Unsplash

It’s been months since The Queen’s Gambit came out, but the influence of this chess-themed Netflix series isn’t fading away. Black and white checkerboard print is stronger than ever and it’s taking over every aspect of our daily lives, from beauty and fashion to home décor.

Checkerboard Nails

Checkerboard print is one of the latest trends taking the nail art world by storm right now. It’s not an easy manicure to DIY, but you can always give press-on nail wraps a try. You can even mix this print with other nail art trends—checkerboard French manicure is especially popular.

Checkerboard Home Décor

Checkerboard print is also making its way into our homes, and it doesn’t only come in the black and white color combo. Options are pretty much endless, and you can welcome this trend into your home through your rugs, tables, picture frames, vases, and other décor pieces.

Checkerboard Clothes

If you’re not into doing nails or re-decorating your clothes, you can still easily embrace this trendy print through your clothes. Checkerboard pants, shirts, dresses, and many other fashion items are popping up everywhere, and it only takes one to completely transform your outfit.