Chinese New Year Makeup Collections Are Taking Beauty World by Storm

We can count on our favorite beauty brands to drop new themed collections every time a new holiday approaches, and the Chinese New Year is no exception. The year of the tiger is just around the corner and you can celebrate it in style by giving these makeup lines a try.

Estee Lauder

Estee Lauder teamed up with Korean illustration brand Muzik Tiger for one of the best Chinese New Year lines on the market. It features a night serum, lipstick, cheek palette, and powder compact in lavish red packaging with tiger illustrations.

Laura Mercier

Speaking of high-end beauty brands celebrating the Lunar New Year, Laura Mercier marked the occasion by dropping a limited-edition line of their signature products in stylish red packaging.


ColourPop’s holiday collections are a gift that keeps on giving and their Chinese New Year line features all the products you’ll need to glam up for the year of the tiger.

Bobbi Brown

Bobbi Browns’ new Claret collection isn’t being officially promoted as a Chinese New Year makeup line, but it has the makings of one, starting with lavish red packaging. It’s also an amazing Valentine’s Day gift, so you can basically use it to celebrate two different holidays.