Find New Amazing Skincare Brands Through Skindie

Photo by kevin laminto on Unsplash

If you’ve tried all the major skincare brands but would still like to explore the market in search of that holy grail product that works for your skin, you may feel like you don’t know where to look. The truth is there are many incredible brands you’ve never heard of just because they are small and don’t get the attention they deserve.

British online store Cult Beauty decided to gather them all under one name – skindie, so you can quickly browse their website for new, exciting discoveries. They put all the less-known brands under the skindie category, so users can easily browse through them and find something they’d like to try. We can only hope other online stores start something like this, because it makes discovering new products incredibly easy!

“Skindie Brand [noun]: under-the-radar and achingly cool, these are the independent skin care brands defying the norm and winning the hearts of true beauty groupies,” Cult Beauty writes. “From quirky to kitsch via chic understatement, these brands shy away from the billboards; instead, they’ve amassed a loyal legion of fans with their faultless performance (and swoon-worthy looks).”