Grandma-Inspired Hobbies are Keeping People Busy During Lockdown

During the pandemic, we’ve been spending a lot of time at home, which has allowed us to get in touch with our creative sides. Because we haven’t been able to spend our time going to gyms or clubbing, we’ve been taking up grandma-inspired hobbies. These are the hobbies we can’t seem to get enough of over the past few months, and that we expect will only increase in popularity over time.


Sure, our grandmothers taught us how to knit when we were children, but knitting has become trendy again during the pandemic, and we just wish we would have paid more attention to our grandmother’s instructions. Now’s the time to start knitting sweaters, scarves, and blankets for the colder months ahead.


We’ve been whipping up tons of new recipes in the kitchen and the freshest produce can be grown in your own garden. Sure, it takes a bit of time, but it’s super relaxing and it’s nice to have fresh herbs and produce at your disposal.


During this difficult time, nothing’s quite as comforting as food, and now’s the perfect time to learn some new recipes. There’s nothing better than a fresh batch of homemade cookies.


Perhaps the biggest lifestyle trend of 2020 is tie-dying and anyone and everyone has been tie-dying everything from t-shirts and sweatpants to napkins and bedding.


You don’t need a throwing wheel or kiln to make your own ceramics—there are tons of at-home kits that have all the tools and clay you need.


Puzzling is one of the best pastimes as it doesn’t require too much attention and you can complete a puzzle while binging on Netflix. When you complete your puzzle, go ahead and frame it so everyone can see your hard work.