Have You Hopped on to the #ChloeTingChallenege?

It seems like everywhere we go there’s a new social media influencer trying out the #ChloeTingChallenge. On Instagram, there are over 60,000 posts about the challenge, which is nothing compared to the more than 800 million hashtags related to “Chloe Ting” on TikTok. The challenge is about getting perfectly sculpted abs and there’s usually before and after shots of people completing the challenge.

Chloe Ting is a fitness influencer with over 14 million YouTube subscribers, who posts workout and healthy food videos. Her free workout videos have become extremely popular, especially during the pandemic when people have turned to home workouts because gyms and studios have been closed. Her most popular video dates back to August 2019 and it’s “get Abs in 2 Weeks”, which has almost 230 million views.

Although Ting rarely posts on TikTok, she’s extremely popular on the site with just under a half a million followers. On her website, Ting has challenges like the 4-week “Summer Shred,” a free series of workout videos for each day of the program with timed bodyweight moves.

The people who post the challenge videos can’t seem to believe the results they’ve gotten in just two weeks, by doing bodyweight moves like planks and lunges. The social media posts and videos of people completing the #ChloeTingChallenge are often funny with people struggling to complete the tough workouts with friends and family, but being pleasantly surprised with their progress after the two weeks is up.

Have you tried the #ChloeTingChallenge and if so, were you shocked with your results?