Hollywood Can’t Get Enough Films Inspired By Beloved Retro Games

Taron Egerton in
Taron Egerton in "Tetris"

Gaming-inspired movies and TV shows are not a novelty in Hollywood, but our favorite filmmakers seem to be obsessed with one niche in particular. Films inspired by retro video, arcade, and RPG games are all the rage this spring, and here are a few that will give you a major nostalgia overload.

Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves

After several cringe-worthy attempts to bring D&D to the big screen, the mastermind behind Honor Among Thieves finally did it justice. Inspired by one of the world’s most iconic RPG games, this adaptation centers on a group of adventurers embarking on an epic quest.

The Super Mario Bros. Movie

If you grew up playing Nintendo’s Super Mario every day, you’ll get to relieve the action of this iconic video game in Universal’s highly-anticipated animated film.


Adapting Tetris to the big screen probably wouldn’t make much sense, but Apple TV+ did a great job capturing the race to license and patent this iconic game in this riveting Cold War thriller starring Taron Egerton.

Pinball: The Man Who Saved the Game

There was a time when the iconic arcade game pinball was banned in New York, and this film tells the story of Roger Sharpe, a man who went the extra mile to make pinball machines legal again.