Meet the Most Popular TikTok Musicians Who Hit Over 1M Views

Musician playing guitar at home
Photo by Chase Yi on Unsplash

While YouTube and Instagram are still great online platforms to spread the word when it comes to up-and-coming musicians, TikTok has been taking over quite a large portion of that area, especially when it comes to Gen Z audiences. Some anonymous cover artists really got the hang of it and are reaching millions of listeners globally with just basic smartphone video and a bedroom setting. Here are three TikTok covers that made it big and crossed the coveted 1M views milestone.

Ebony Loren with Stereo Hearts

Ebony is crushing it with this one, bringing her own personal touch to the original version by Gym Class Heroes and Maroon 5 lead singer Adam Levine. Her gentle voice and a simple guitar strumming pattern are all you need.

@ebonylorenmusic This song was stuck in my head last night 💕🌌 #cover#voiceeffects ♬ original sound – ebonyloren

Sofia Camara with Favorite Crime

Sofia really gives it her all in this TikTok performance of Olivia Rodrigo’s hit song. The comments range from “MAGICAL” and “WOW” to “how is it possible to reach these notes without pain.” Kudus!

@sofiacamara I think I’m obsessed with this song 🙁 #fyp #foryou #foryoupage #viral #music #singing #sing #song #love #cover #coversong #toronto #emotional ♬ original sound – Sofia Camara

Samii.rosee with Impossible

Whether you prefer the James Arthur version or you are more team Shontelle, there’s no way to deny how good samii.rosee’s TikTok version of the song is. The girl is literally singing this lying on her bedroom carpet! It’s as raw and heartfelt as it gets.

@samii.rosee song: impossible #foryou #foryoupage #singing #cover #music #piano ♬ original sound – sam