Nail Artist Amy Le is Giving us Some Major Inspiration for Summer

With over 200,000 followers and counting, Amy Le is one of Instagram’s most popular nail artists. Her feed is the best place to look for ideas for your next manicure, and she’s giving us some major nail art inspo for this summer.

Squiggly Manicures

Manicures with squiggly and wavy lines are the biggest nail art trend of 2021. Amy Le is one of the nail artists putting them on the map and her Instagram page is an endless source of inspiration.

Outline French

French manicure is never going out of style—mostly because nail artists are constantly coming up with new ways to reinvent it. Negative space outline French is one of the trendiest versions right now.

Marble Nails

Marble nails are another nail art trend that’s always going to look chic. What we love about Le’s green manicure is that it resembles ocean waves and that makes it perfect for summer.

Fruit Nails

Looking for a way to make your nails super-cute this summer? Fruit prints are your best bet, and strawberries and cherries seem to be Le’s personal favorites.

Yin and Yang

If you prefer simple black and white manicures, but still want to make them trendy, how about adding yin and yang to the mix. This ancient symbol is taking the nail art world by storm, and you can even match it with other trendy prints.