Technology’s Changing the Future of the Beauty Industry

Like many things in the world, technology is changing the way we experience beauty. Our makeup and skin-care routines are about to get a lot more high-tech and the changes are coming faster than you’d expect. Here are some beauty gadgets to get excited about.

Sheet Masks

Tons of people use sheet masks, but upgraded versions of sheet masks have a mild electric current that pushes its ingredients deeper into the skin than normal sheet masks. 3D printing will also revolutionize the way we use sheet face masks—soon enough, you will be able to use an in-store app to scan the dimensions of your face to print a hydrogel mask that fits you perfectly. It will even be customized with ingredients based on the different sections of your face.

AI Makeup Artist

You may never have to apply your own foundation again as there’s currently a printer that scans your face for dark spots with a digital camera and then prints tiny dots of tinted skin to hide these spots. Days of getting manicures in salons may also be in the past as ManiMe allows you to upload photos of your nails to their site and they use 3D modeling to laser-cut stickers to fit your nails. The last AI makeup product that’s going to make your beauty routine much easier is lipstick by Perso by LÓreal that’s filled with pigment cartridges. All you have to do is upload a photo of something in a color you like and the Perso mixes the amount of pigments to match it and a small motor pushes the blend through the removable cap.

The Beauty Biolab

To get customized hair and skincare products, all you have to do is send over a sample of your hair or a saliva swab. For your hair, you’ll get information about the texture and thickness which will create a custom shampoo-conditioner and for your skin, you’ll find out about its unique characteristics which is used to create customized regiments for you.