This Art Deco Inspired Jewelry Brand Is All About Luxury and Exuberance

As an artistic movement, Art Deco has come to be associated with both luxury and modernity, combining fine craftsmanship with rich materials. Prominent in the 1920s, Art Deco fashion was characterized by geometric patterns and abstract designs. In jewelry, the use of exuberant materials like diamonds and gems in contrasting colors was prominent.

Symbolizing wealth and sophistication, Art Deco’s legacy has carried well into our modern times and is very much present in contemporary fashion. Most recently, we were delighted to come across the Art-deco inspired jewelry brand Leda Madera. Run by Italian fashionista, Giulia Tordini, the brand is named after Tordini’s grandmother and is an homage to her glamourous style.

More specifically, Tordini remembers her grandmother wearing stacked, statement rings, which undoubtedly shaped her jewelry collection.

“My collection references Art Deco architecture from Paris and New York, and the whole Italian end-of-the-’80’s, beginning-of-the-’90s contained opulence,” Tordini further explained in an interview with Moda Operandi. “At the time, Art Deco was a symbol of modernity and luxury, and my brand has the same characteristics: eternal, it starts from the past and looks to the future, and can be passed on from one generation to another.”

Cast in Italy, many of her statement pieces are crafted with the label’s signature pleated detail that gives the impression of movement. “The ‘pleated element’—movement is at the core of my designs”, says Tordini. “You will find it in all three families within the collection.”

Made from gold-plated brass, her jewelry pieces have an edgy twist to them, making them the perfect statement piece that can upgrade your more casual outfits. “My designs come from profound research,” says Tordini, “mostly vintage pieces that I’ve seen and collected through the years. Timelessness is at the core, so I don’t particularly follow any trend.”

If you’re looking to inspire and be inspired, you should definitely check the brand out: