TikTok Users are Putting a Twist on Pizza This Spring

Pizza eggs
Photo by Eaters Collective on Unsplash

TikTok has always been a great source of food inspiration, but pizza lovers are especially enjoying it this spring. Many viral recipes that emerged in the past few weeks happen to be pizza-related and here are some of the very best that you should try ASAP.

Pizza Eggs

This viral recipe is up to the interoperation, and we’ve seen TikTok users embrace it in several different ways. Some did it by mixing classic pizza ingredients with their eggs, while others cut up pieces of leftover pizza and added it to their omelet.

Pizza Toast

Made popular by Hailey Bieber, pizza toast is one of spring’s most popular viral recipes. It’s all about topping your bread with popular pizza ingredients, such as burrata and tomatoes, and dressing it in olive oil.


Had to share my quick easy Pizza Toast ✨✨

♬ GOOD VIBES – Ellen Once Again

Hash Brown Pizza

After using pizza toppings to take eggs and toast to the next level, TikTok users decided to put a twist on another breakfast staple. Hash browns got a pizza makeover, introducing us to a delicious new way to eat them.

Spokane Pizza

Some viral TikTok recipes are pretty polarizing, and that happens to be the case with Spokane-style pizza. The recipe shared by Josh Scherer of Mythical Kitchen left locals puzzled, and he later revealed that he made the whole thing up.

@mythicalkitchen Now here’s a pizza style you probably never ever heard about. #fyp #foryou #pizza #spokanestylepizza #food ♬ original sound – Mythical Kitchen