You’ll Be Seeing These Food Trends Everywhere in 2021

In 2020, many food trends emerged including sourdough bread, whipped coffee, banana bread, and egg salad sandwiches. And this coming year, there will be plenty of new trends. These are the ones you can expect to see everywhere.

Next-Level Charcuterie

When it comes to charcuterie, we saw it all this year—jarcuterie, hot chocolate boards, sundae board, charcuterie chalets, and breakfast boards. Charcuterie is about so much more than cured meats and cheeses, it’s the perfect way to get creative with food.

Spicy Sauces, Seasonings, and Condiments

Hot, spicy foods are so in. Say goodbye to bland food by adding spices and sauces like hot honey, piri piri sauce, and za’atar.

Plant-Based Eating

Americans are switching to a plant-based diet and eating more foods like beans, legumes, and whole-grains.

Boosted Kombucha

Kombucha has been super trendy for a while and food brands are creating new flavors like fizzy tonics and booze-infused kombucha.

Hot Breakfasts

Because we spent more time at home this year, we finally had no excuse not to eat hot breakfasts. Instead of granola bars or cereal on the go, we finally had time for eggs and bacon in the morning. That’s a trend we can get behind in 2021.